Friday, March 11th, 2016

6 AM Hour

The money for the proposed hospital in Utica is back.  Was it ever gone?

We will talk about last night's debate.  Willie Waffle is on to talk movies.  Tim Reed will be on to talk about the Boilermaker Road Race.

Keeler decided to make dinner for his family...and schedule a watching of Netflix's "House of Cards."

Netflix has real customer service representatives who answer their customer service number.

We talk about last night's GOP debate in Miami.  Last night's debate, Keeler says, was a yawner.


Keeler and Monaski debate the sincerity of Senator Marco Rubio during last night's debate.  Keeler asks whether we really want Donald Trump as President of the United States.

One listener says, "Trump is blowing up political correctness."

Gianni Notaro from Westmoreland High School talks about their money drive for Flint, Michigan.  Their charity night is tonight, March 11, 2016.

An employee of an iHop has admitted to giving away more than $3,000 in drinks to customers.  Is he a modern day Robin Hood or a thief?

The Austin American-Statesman reported on the story and posted the following video:

Don Henley told the BBC that The Eagles are finished performing.

Jodi Schmidt, a teacher in Wisconsin is donating a kidney to one of her students, 8-year-old Natasha Fuller.  ABC News reported the story.

Willie Waffle reviews "The Brothers Grimsby" and "10 Cloverfield Lane."  He gives Sacha Baron Cohen's "The Brothers Grimsby" one waffle.  He loves "10 Cloverfield Lane," which he gives four waffles.

We talk about "House of Cards" with Tim Reed - who is also in to talk about the Boilermaker.


7 AM Hour

Keeler and Tim Reed talk about the possibility of Town of New Hartford being a city.

Coach Chris Mahoney is from Oriskany High School.  The high school basketball  team will play in the state championships this weekend in Glens Falls, New York.

Before he talks about the Boilermaker, Tim Reed goes on a rant about the "boom box battle" aboard an airplane.  His issue, in addition to the obvious dispute, is that multiple people were recording the incident on their cellular telephones.  He said that it is sad that people think about getting a viral video before they think about doing the right thing and try to stop the fight.

Early registration for the Boilermaker Road Race is underway. -


Utica College Football Head Coach Blaise Faggiano joins us to talk about his player who has been invited to participate in an official NFL pro day.  Nick Woodman will attend the day at Fordham University after an NFL scout's interest.  It was the first time an NFL scout visited the UC campus during Coach Faggiano's tenure there.  Mutliple teams have expressed interest in Woodman, a defensive end.

Coach Faggiano and UC Athletic Director David Fontaine participated in last weekend's WIBX Heart Radiothon Treadmill Challenge.

Keeler says that he is trying to conserve time but cutting out an hour of sleep a night.  Kristine says that it is not a good idea.  He says she may be right because he is putting on weight and he looks like he is dying.

Fred Schell is an 18-year-old high school senior.  He was going through the intersection of Arthur and Church Streets in Little Falls, New York when someone drove away after smashing into the back of his car.  He did not see much of the vehicle but he says it was a big, dark-colored truck.  He says that the accident happened on February 22, 2016 at about 7:00pm.  Anyone with leads is being asked to contact the Keeler show or Little Falls Police at: (315) 823.0200.

He was relatively uninured but his truck suffered significant damage.

$300 Million is back for the proposed Utica hospital.  Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says that he, Senator Joseph Griffo, and Senator David Valesky have worked together to get the money back in the budget.  Brindisi says that he is hopeful that Governor Andrew Cuomo will continue his commitment to the project.

He says that it is unprecedented to see a capital improvement project in the budget one year only to have it disappear the next.  He said that the appropriation has not been sitting around for ten years.


8 AM Hour

New York Senator Joseph Griffo joins us to give his his opinion of the hospital funding.  Some of the members who were reluctant to support it last year supported it came around, he says, because of the fact that it seemingly disappeared from the budget.

Eric from Utica calls in to try to win today's Free Money Question of the Day.  Eric does not win Joe Hobika's money.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol and Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri trash-talk in good sport in anticipation of the upcoming Cops versus Celebrities Basketball game in Utica.

Joe Hobika discusses Donald Trump, political antics, and how Trump's team deals with protestors.


Fox News' Tonya J. Powers talks about a law passed in the Mississippi House that was passed 75-43 that asks parents to grade teachers.  It still has to go to the Mississipp State Senate.

Keeler talks about "Made in the USA" and how it may affect local businesses, some of whom do business, or make their products, overseas.


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