Who DOESN'T love hitting a ball into a clown's mouth?

Mini golf has always been my jam. I've shown very little aptitude for regular golf. The very first time I played 18 holes, I had some beginner's luck. And I thought, wow! I've found something that I'm good at, instantly! No practice required! I'm gonna be the next Tiger Woods!

And then I got progressively worse every game after that, until I quit.

Gold Rush Adventure Golf via Facebook
Gold Rush Adventure Golf via Facebook

But I am an above-average mini golfer, by God. And I will never give up my beloved putt-putt. Nothing makes me happier than completely obliterating my girlfriend during friendly competition. I think it's a good couples activity, to show no mercy out there. And the more you taunt them while you're playing, the more they respect you. At least... I think so? Maybe?

I am of the belief that the game of golf is WAY better when stupid obstacles are in the way. And the wackier, the better. Hit a ball through a dinosaur's legs? No problem. A windmill? Piece of cake. And I am a sucker for that one hole that every course has where the ball goes down a tube to a lower portion. As a kid... that was crazy! What kind of sorcery was that?! How do they do it?!

(It's PVC pipe. Really not that magical.)

But if you're like me, and love a friendly (or competitive) game of mini golf, below are 11 courses you can try throughout Central New York:

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