Boilermaker officials are making a couple of announcements regarding the Post Race Party at the FX Matt Brewery.

They say "Nik and the Nice Guys" will return to perform at the party on Sunday, July 10th.

They've performed at over 7,000 events in their 30-year history, including Super Bowl and Olympic parties.

“Nik has proven to be a party band that plays the music our participants enjoy” said Tim Reed, president of the Boilermaker Road Race. “With the addition of a DJ opening for the Nice Guys we feel we offer an outstanding musical experience.”

Race officials also say those attending the party will get a chance to glimpse a piece of history as three World War II-era aircraft will again perform the traditional post-race flyover.

Last year's flyover was performed by a P-51 Mustang and two T-G aircraft based outside of Albany.