Registration for the 2024 Boilermaker Walk is officially open and some big changes are coming to the beloved event.

New Start Time, New Distance

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Mark Donovan, Boilermaker President, released exciting news on Tuesday. After polling participants of last year's Boilermaker Walk, the event is going to be updated to align itself better with the community's desires.

New in 2024, the Boilermaker Walk will kick off even earlier than years before. Instead of its traditional start time at noon, the event will commence an hour earlier, at 11 a.m., after participants complained of the summer heat.

Walkers felt pushing the event earlier in the day would give them a reprieve from the hot temperatures. Additionally, the new start time would mean walkers won't conflict with the Utica National Kids Run that takes place the same day.

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The Boilermaker Walk, sponsored by Slocum Dickson Medical Group, and Utica National Kids Run both take place on MVCC’s Utica Campus.

Also new this year is the length of the course. While participants are welcome to walk the full 3.75 mile trek, walkers can choose their preferred distance.

The Boilermaker President announced in a public statement:

The Boilermaker Walk presented by Slocum-Dickson Medical Group provides an additional opportunity to be a part of the Boilermaker experience. We want everyone, regardless of fitness status, to be able to participate in the energy and excitement of Boilermaker Weekend, and we’re thrilled to make these changes to better support our participants.

The track, which is set between T.R. and F.T. Proctor Parks, will have new signage indicating turnaround points at various distances, so people can safely exit the path.

Registration Now Open

Dave Smith, WIBX
Dave Smith, WIBX

Don't miss the 2024 Boilermaker Walk, happening July 13 at 11 a.m. at MVCC. The event takes place the day before the annual Boilermaker race.

Registration for the Walk is now open and those who sign up will a commemorative bib and collectible pin. These items can be collected the day before at the MVCC Performance Gym or early on July 13 at the Health & Wellness Expo.

The fee to sign up is $8, which can be done here at You can also visit the site for more information.

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