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(updated) In the race for Herkimer County Family Court Judge, it now looks like Thad Luke has defeated Mark Rose in the Republican Primary.

How did we get there when as of Friday, the race was an absolute tie at 2,291 votes each? Surprisingly, a story that WIBX broke on Friday afternoon revealed that nearly 30 votes in rural areas were somehow discovered. And the Board of Elections decided to officially count those votes at 4 p.m. on Friday. After the count was complete, it was determined that Luke won the race by 5 votes.

Here's how the story broke on Friday afternoon: 

There's breaking news in Herkimer County this Friday in the race for County Family Court Judge.  The contest in question is the Republican Primary for the 10 year judicial term between Mark Rose of Little Falls and Thad Luke of Ilion.  As of this morning, the race was tied at 2,291 and it was expected that the Republican Committee will caucus to determine the winner.

That is, until this afternoon.

Shockingly, some 24 or more uncounted votes have been mysteriously been found from the Town of Norway and Russia. People close to the Board of Elections have anonymously told WIBX that those votes are being counted as of 4 p.m.. And that's not all, our source has told us that an additional amount of votes, under 10, have been found uncounted in Salisbury.

Unofficial results are putting Thad Luke as the very unofficial winner.

Updated: Unofficial results after today's count: Thad Luke wins Republican Primary by 5 votes.

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