Standing in front of the Speedway gas station on Genesee Street in Utica, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi called on Congresswoman Claudia Tenney to sponsor legislation to lower retail gas prices.

Brindisi says a new federal bill that has been introduced in the Senate would ban the export of American oil drilled on federal land.

He says that would increase the domestic supply of gasoline in the American marketplace.  Brindisi says more supply would mean less demand and less demand means lower prices.

He wants Tenney to sponsor similar legislation in the House.

Brindisi claims Tenney hasn't taken action on lowering gas prices because she's received over $50,000 in political donations from the oil and gas industry.

“Oil that’s being taken from our public lands should go first to lower gas prices for American drivers—not to fuel profits for oil companies. This is a common-sense proposal that Congresswoman Tenney should be willing to embrace, and I urge her to recognize everyday pain at the pump and do something,” Brindisi said.

Tenney's Campaign Manager, Raychel Renna, released the following statement in response to Brindisi:

"Anthony Brindisi is trying to distract from the start of a federal corruption trial that he is tied to and has refused to comment on. New York has the fourth highest gas tax in the nation as a direct result of Albany’s policies, not the federal government's. Governor Cuomo and Anthony Brindisi’s extreme anti-energy agenda has given our district higher gas and electricity prices, and some of the most economically depressed areas in the country."

After asking Brindisi about why he won't release a public comment on Sheldon Silver and Percoco's conviction and Kaloyeros federal corruption trial today, and why he voted on Thursday for the fourth time for single payer health care that will cost $90 billion in taxes, Assemblyman Brindisi should have to answer to his own record.

--New York State has the 4th highest gas tax in America at 43.88 cents per gallon.  Why didn’t you take action in Albany to lower the state’s gas taxes?
--Over a 1 million people have left NY since 2010.   The state routinely is rated among the highest cost of living and highest taxes in the nation.  Whether its property taxes or gas taxes, where have you been on lowering the tax burden?
--You oppose fracking even though it could lower energy prices and create billions in revenue and thousands of jobs for upstate New York.  How is your opposition to natural gas and shale development lowering energy prices?
--You’ve expressed support cap and trade or a carbon tax.  Experts say a carbon tax would drive up energy prices, especially on electricity, hitting lower and middle income families hard.  How is that going to help families in our area?
--You voted to allow the Onieda Indiana Nation to a windfall profit guarantee.  Brindisi voted to allow them not to pay taxes the way all other gas stations do.  Why does Brindisi effectively allow the Oneida nation to gouge consumers and keep the profit?

Brindisi will face Tenney in the November election.

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