There are classic cars and then there are cars that are just old and it seems like here in the Mohawk Valley we have a lot more old cars on the roads than other places.

Take for instance the Chevy Caprice pictured above. I'm pretty sure this isn't a collector's car; it seems like it's this person's primary form off transportation.  These are vehicles you don't see on the road in other cities. Could it be, in the Mohawk Valley we hang on to our vehicles much longer? Do we take better care of our vehicles so they stay on the road longer? Or, is it because this area has a lower income level and we hang on to our belongings much longer than the average person around the country?

If you see older vehicles on the road, take a snapshot of them and email them into the Keeler Show. Become a part of our study on old cars in the Mohawk Valley.  We're looking for the oldest local car on the road, that isn't a collector car.

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