A child predator has reportedly escaped prison and is hiding somewhere in Western New York. 

Christopher Luke is originally from the City of Tonawanda, and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison back in 2013 after it was discovered that he was linked to, what federal authorities described, as “an international criminal network dedicated to the sexual exploitation of children and the dissemination of graphic images of children.” 

You can see more details on the case here.

Many people have referred to this case as one of “the biggest child pornography prosecutions in history,” and law enforcement have reason to believe that Luke managed to make his way back to the Buffalo area. 

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Christopher Luke escaped on December 28, and after nearly two months, he is back in the Buffalo area.

Luke was sentenced by a federal judge in Shreveport, Louisiana for his part in the sexual exploitation of children, but he would do anything to avoid going back, according to his former classmate who will remain anonymous. 

United States Marshals showed up to this particular former classmate’s house, hoping for a tip on Christopher Luke’s whereabouts, but the classmate hasn’t spoken to him in over 23 years. 

“I was friends with him in school,” the classmate said. “We used to be friends in the 90s.”

According to the former classmate, the U.S. Marshals confirmed he’s in Buffalo.

“He’s made contact with people here,” the former classmate said. “All I know is he’s an addict.”

The Marshals showed up at the house of the former classmate, and they were there for about 25 minutes. Until Luke is found, they may be going to other homes who used to know Luke or have recently communicated with him. 

As of this afternoon, US Marshals released a mugshot to help with finding the escaped inmate.

attachment-us marshals

The former classmate said, “I’d put money on him being in Riverside or the West Side.”

If you see anything, do not hesitate to report it to local law enforcement. 

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