There have been several announcements lately in the City of Utica regarding investments into the area's parks system to bolster recreational opportunities.

Helping Children Beat the Heat

The City of Utica announced Thursday that a brand new 25-foot double wide water slide will be constructed at F.T. Proctor Park. The slide is being designed and constructed by a company called Splashtacular Waterslides and Waterpark Attractions out of the Albany area.

Photo Courtesy of The City of Utica, NY via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of The City of Utica, NY via Facebook

Construction of the slide should begin right away and the estimated completion date is some time in April.

The slide should be ready by the first day of Summer and usage of the slide will be free and open to the public. Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri said in a statement:

Children, families and visitors will all remember the times they had plunging into the water to beat the heat. We want to have the best park system in the entire state. With our recent investments, including this new way for residents to cool off, Utica will be more fun, more sustainable and more enjoyable for people from all over. I ask the residents to help us get the most out of these improvements by using all equipment properly and with care.

Photo Courtesy of The City of Utica, NY via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of The City of Utica, NY via Facebook

The announcement was made at Proctor Park and on the City of Utica Facebook page.

How The Public Feels

Just like anything else that is proposed or announced in Utica, the feedback is mixed. Many are in support of the new addition to Proctor Park, but others are critical. No surprise.

Some residents expressed exasperation over the public complaining when anything new comes to the city, and that the attitude is harming future development.


Mostly, residents pointed out that projects like these benefit the city in numerous ways, such as adding more money into the economy and beautifying the city.

Others stated they cannot wait for the biggest change of all come January - a new mayor.

One of Many New Projects

From a new skate park, to the upcoming skating rink and now this slide there is no doubt about it that more and more investment has been made to try and breathe life into areas of the city to bring enjoyment to its residents.

One more reason that we have now to look forward to winter coming and going.

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