It doesn't matter what the weather is like this weekend, America On Tap is coming to Vernon Downs, period! This is your chance to spend some quality time with old friends, and family, sampling some great craft beer and playing horseshoes. Then you can stay for the races.

If you've ever been to a backyard summer barbecue, odds are you've thrown a round of horseshoes. If you have never had the privilege of playing this great game, then let America on Tap be your first time. The rules are pretty simple, however you'll need to know a few terms to get through. According to the official National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA), the following is a brief glossary of a few terms you'll need to know.

Altered Shoe – Refers to any shoe that has been changed from its original design. (See page 36, I - EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS, Section B.)

Alternate Pitch – Alternate first pitch is a pitching rotation used to give each contestant an equal number of first and second pitches during a game. (See page 15, RULE 7, Section A.2)

Backstops/Backboards – Refers to the barriers installed at the far end of each pit for safety reasons. (See page 40, II - SPECIFICATIONS FOR COURT LAYOUT, Section B, 8.a; also see drawing on inside back cover)

Broken Shoe – Occasionally, a horseshoe may break into two or more parts when it hits other shoes, the stake, or lands in the pit. After the broken pieces are removed, another shoe may be pitched in its' place. (See page 17, RULE 9, Section A)

Burr – A small, displaced fragment of steel that may be created when a horseshoe hits other shoes or the stake. Burrs, if they go undetected, can cause moderately serious cuts to the fingers or hands and should be filed smooth before pitching the shoe.

Caliper – A measuring tool that can be adjusted to determine which shoe is closest to the stake.

Other humorous terms include dead shoe, feeler gauge, and portable pits. Overall it's a great laid-back activity that goes great with sampling over 100 craft beers this Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at Vernon Downs. It will be in their brand new parking garage from 2-5 p.m. Then, why not stay for the races. Great harness racing begins sharply at 6:45 p.m. Get your tickets now!

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