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A Syracuse man recently found a not-so-subtle way to get visitors to leave his apartment: he set his shower curtain ablaze.


We have to admit it's pretty creative; unfortunately, it's also arson.

Sometime after midnight on October 17th, Daniel Hart, 39, had a desire for the people in his apartment at 304 Court St. to hit the road. Hey, we've all been there. Hosting a social gathering sounds nice at first... until you're over it. Only sometimes the people you invited aren't getting the hint. And you don't want to be rude, so you have to find -- shall we say -- a tactful way to convey that information.

But this dude Hart ain't got time for subtle. So he went into the bathroom and lit his shower curtain on fire with a lighter. The curtain fell to the floor and continued to burn until police came to the scene and stomped on it until the flames went out. Hart was taken in on second-degree arson charges.

Nobody was hurt in the fire, but Hart's floor and doorframe were damaged, according to police.


Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Have you ever seen the 2017 psychological horror film mother! starring Jennifer Lawrence? It's all kinds of uncomfortable. Lawrence's character and her husband (played by Javier Bardem) are renovating their house when they get an unexpected visitor, who starts making himself WAY too comfortable. Soon MORE unexpected people show up, and they just completely go beyond the limits of how houseguests should conduct themselves. Ultimately the film devolves into complete insanity.

Good movie... but who knew Jennifer Lawrence could've just set her shower curtain on fire?

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