Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Graduation Ceremony Concludes National Corrections Officer Week

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office held its 2022 Basic Corrections Academy Graduation Ceremony and Oneida County Sheriff’s Office S.E.R.T (Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team) Graduation Ceremony at Hart’s Hill Inn in Whitesboro on Friday.

This is National Corrections Officers Week.

Oneida County Sheriff's office
Oneida County Sheriff's office

The Basie Correction Academy consists of seven-weeks of classroom training, practical exercises, physical fitness training and military drills.

The academy provides the new Correction Officer with a solid foundation of training as they begin their career.

The S.E.R.T. Training consists of two weeks of intense and rigorous training for senior level officers.

The S.E.R.T. team responds to all serious situations and incidents within the correctional facility such as large fights, violent inmates and cell extractions.

Oneida County Sheriff's Office
Oneida County Sheriff's Office

Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Correction Officer Graduates:

  • Abdiel Castillo-Imbert
  • Stephany Downs
  • Joshua Drake
  • Thomas Howard
  • Joshua Jacobson
  • Tanner Nodine
  • Ryan Pfendler
  • Colby Spaven

Madison County Sheriff's Office Correction Officer Graduates:

  • Kameron Brown
  • Christopher Griffin
  • Christopher Prine

Herkimer County Sheriff’s Office Correction Officer Graduates:

  • Stephen Dygert
  • Dakota Kent
  • Brandon Lane
  • Andrew Sheppard

Oswego County Sheriff's Office Correction Officer Graduates:

  • Christian Sweeting
  • Melissa Woodward
Oneida County Sheriff’s Office S.E.R.T. Graduates:
  • Sgt. Quintino Liberta
  • Sgt. James Paternoster
  • Officer Ronald Gatto
  • Officer Scott Holbert
  • Officer Ashlee Hughes
  • Officer Elmedin Imamovic
  • Officer Anthony Papa
  • Officer Michael Spielmann

The Oneida County Correctional Facility provides for custody of prisoners from throughout the judicial system, who have been remanded to the custody of the Sheriff of Oneida County.

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WIBX Radiothon Heart Run and Walk 2022!

America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk Weekend is here!
The WIBX Heart Radiothon is taking place May 6 from 6 AM-6 PM and May 7 from 7 AM-1 PM.

 You can make your donation by calling 866-716-9429

After being held virtually last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s run and walk will be taking place as an in-person event at a new location.

The Heart Run and Walk will be held on Saturday, May 7 at Accelerate Sports on Judd Road in Whitestown.

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