Norma the cow was captured last week after being on the run for several months.

The capture was a team effort, one straight out of a cowboy movie.  Real-life cowboy Curtis Walker, Jr. says a friend called him after hearing Utica Police Lieutenant Steve Hauck on WIBX First News with Keeler on Friday, October 9, 2015.

On today's WIBX First News with Keeler Bill asked Walker, Jr. how he found out about the cow and he said, "A real good friend of mine works...almost (in) Utica... on a beef farm out there and heard it on the talk show in the morning that they catch a cow and he called me and said... I needed to contact the Utica Police Department, and I did and I talked with Lt. Hauck..."

On being on the radio to talk about the case Hauck said, "Believe it or not it does (have a benefit)."

Walker, Jr. utilized his team of catahoula leopard dogs to corner Norma safely.  His "best" dog, Louie, did the job.  Hauck, who was scouting out a known sighting area near Burrstone and French Roads, said that he did have his video camera with him but by the time he got to the lot near Home Depot (down the street on French Road) Walker and his team had already lassoed Norma and gotten her to the ground.

Lt. Hauck praised the efforts of Woodhaven Wildlife Center owner Judy Cusworth, who has actively been tracking the cow for months.

Of Norma's fate, well, Walker said that she is dangerous and will probably end up as dinner.  If she was docile, he says, he would have kept her.

She did not have an ear tag.  that is an indication, Walker, Jr. says, that she was home-raised.

He said that she probably would have survived the winter had she not been captured.

If you missed some of the coverage, here are Keeler's more entertaining takes on the story (See "CNY Bull-nado" (note that there is some NSFW language) in the 6am hour and "Norm the Bull..." in the 8am hour:

Temporary Capture Keeler Show Notes 10072015



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