On the 111th day of New York’s COVID-19 pandemic response, Governor Andrew Cuomo conducted his final briefing today from his Executive Office.

Cuomo says only one-percent of Thursday's over 79,000 coronavirus tests were positive.

He says COVID-19 is still a threat and we’ll have to monitor the local infection rate and local governments will need to do trace testing and ensure compliance.

Cuomo reiterated that New York went from worst to first in the coronavirus battle and thanked New Yorkers and front-line workers for making it happen.

"I'm so incredibly proud of what we all did together, and as a community," said Cuomo. "We re-opened the economy and we saved lives. Because it was never a choice between one or the other, it was always right to do both."

Cuomo also thanked the state operations team and all of the state agencies for leading testing, response and enforcement operations throughout the pandemic.

The governor said he’ll be doing briefings when necessary.

The last panel in the governor’s briefing read “Don’t forget, tomorrow is Saturday.”


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