The Utica man who stands accused of murdering three members of his family in January has been deemed to fit to stand trail, according to Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara.

Paul Bumbolo, 21, had pleaded not guilty at his arraignment following the January 7th triple-homicide on Whitesboro Street. He was ruled unfit for trial after being examined by two psychiatric experts. At that time, WIBX 950 reported Bumbolo would receive treatment in a psychiatric facility for one year before being re-examined. The news of his mental capacity comes less than two months after those medical reports were presented to the court.

McNamara said a next court appearance for Bumbolo had yet to be determined.

Investigators say all three victims in the slayings lived with and were related to Bumbolo: Cindy Golder, 23, was his step sister; Michelle Bumbolo, 63, his adoptive mother; and Michael Bumbolo, 60, his uncle.

In February, after the court accepted the findings that Bumbolo was unable to understand the charges against him and/or could not assist in his own defense, McNamara joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning. The DA weighed in on accusations that Bumbolo was faking or malingering his mental state (click for audio).

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