Former political candidate Dave Gordon is facing a hearing to determine damages he caused, according to a state judge, through slanderous comments made about a former staff member of Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente.

Gordon lost a request last week to subpoena WIBX's Bill Keeler and Jim Rondenelli, plus several hours of the Keeler Show programs and newscasts. Judge Scott DelConte ruled that the request posed an undue burden on WIBX and other media outlets, and that testimony by Rondenelli and Keeler was not relevant to the damages hearing.

According to sources, Gordon has not attended any court proceedings. He was absent on Friday for Jury selection and did not attend the hearing on Monday or Tuesday in Oneida County Supreme Court. Gordon ignored judicial subpoena to appear in person, according  to sources.

The hearings are expected to reward monetary damages to the female victim.

According to sources, if a monetary judgement is imposed against Gordon, he would be responsible to pay the judgement, but, under the law might also be eligible to file for bankruptcy. However, attorneys for the victim, the Brindisi Law Firm, have asked for punitive damages, which would not be dischargable in bankruptcy.

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