New Hartford, NY (WIBX) - If you see police and firefighters directing traffic don't ignore them. Sounds pretty reasonable, but apparently four drivers needed reminders of that yesterday.

While clearing an accident with injuries involving 49-year old Lisa Doesburg of Amsterdam and 20-year old Francisca Sherman of New Hartford, along with Sherman's rolled over car, it was necessary to close the East-bound lanes of Route 840 for about an hour.

Four separate drivers decided to ignore the rolled-over car as well as emergency vehicles and simply go around them. New Hartford Police were quickly assisted by Oneida County Sheriffs and the New York State

Police, the drivers were pursued, and tickets were promptly issued.

According to New Hartford Police the drivers ticketed were: Kathy Brown, age 48 of Prospect; Casey Logana, age 29 of North Syracuse; Mansur Rafizadeh, age 81 of Forestport; and Patrick Comeskey, age 74 of Utica.