During an exclusive interview with WIBX's Bill Keeler, defense attorney Frank Policelli discussed the trial of Kaitlyn Conley, the verdict and his plans to appeal in this two-part interview from Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Policelli answers questions about why Conley didn't take the stand in her retrial, why he feels the lesser charge of 1st degree manslaughter won't stand up on appeal and who he thinks ultimately killed Mary Yoder.

The retrial of Kaitlyn Conley ended in a conviction later Monday, November 6th, after jurors came back with a message for the judge claiming they were 'hung' by a margin of 10-2. The judge gave jurors the Allen Charge and sent them back to deliberate.  Two hours later, the jury sent a message to the court that they had reached a verdict.

Conley was being retried for the 2015 poisoning murder of chiropractor Mary Yoder. The first trial ended with a hung jury.

Watch the videos of Keeler's interview with Policelli below.

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