The first forecasts of what the weather will be like on eclipse day are here and, unfortunately, they're not looking that great.

We'd be fooling ourselves if we didn't wonder if Mother Nature was going to play nice on the day of the total solar eclipse. Wet weather, chilly temperatures, and overcast skies are common in Upstate New York this time of year.

With that in mind, the preliminary weather forecasts for April 8 are finally out and they're not very confident we'll see clear skies on the 8th.

Keeping Healthy Expectations for Eclipse Day

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Before we continue, let's be clear that these are preliminary forecasts, so what's expected now could (fortunately) change. While we are all hoping for pleasant weather on April 8, we need to remember where in New York we are.

Sunshine is a rare commodity here, especially in the winter and early spring.

However, it feels like we deserve a break because, for some, the total solar eclipse is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event. The last time New York enjoyed  one was back in 1925. We won't get another one until 2079, according to the NY State Department of Education.

While we still could be pleasantly surprised because the forecast is that far out and the current weather models could change around this time next week.

The Current Forecast

Galloway Astronomy Society Prepare For Friday's Eclipse
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loading... issued its 10-day outlook for Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Utica. Here's what April 8 is slated to look like in each city.

  • Buffalo: A 50% chance of early rain showers with mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures around 55.
  • Rochester: Sun and clouds mixing, with a slight chance of rain. High around 53.
  • Syracuse: Morning rain showers changing over to partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. High around 56.
  • Utica: A 60 percent chance of rain in the morning with peeks of sunshine in the afternoon, High around 54.

Accuweather also is out with its forecast for April 8, and here's what it has to say about eclipse day.

  • Buffalo: Mostly cloudy with a 25 percent chance of rain. High 55.
  • Rochester: Mostly cloudy with winds up to 36 miles per hour. Chance of rain at 25%. High near 61.
  • Syracuse: Probability of rain at 25%. Mostly cloudy skies with a high around 62.
  • Utica: Cloudy with a high chance of rain, current probability is 55%. There's also a slight chance of thunderstorms. High near 64., whether or not you believe what the farmers have to say about weather, also is out with their predictions for April 8.

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Their predictions are more generic and are for clusters of days. These are the weather expectations for April 8th through the 12th.

Aside from the Almanac's forecast, which looks to be the most favorable at this time, the forecast has plenty of time to change.

Pray for Sunshine

kieferpix from Getty Images
kieferpix from Getty Images

For those who really want sunny skies on April 8, especially around the time of the eclipse, now may be a good time to start including that into your prayers. It doesn't hurt, does it?

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