The Deflategate scandal pales in comparison to the ugly mess brewing with one high school football team.

A pair of football players from San Antonio's John Jay High School have been suspended from the team -- and from school -- for allegedly intentionally hitting a referee during a game last Friday. Video of the incident, which you can see below, has gone viral.

As the San Antonio Express News described it:

Late in Jay’s 15-9 loss at Marble Falls, one defensive back ran from 7 yards away into the back of an official watching a run play unfold 9 yards in front of him. After the referee fell to the turf after the first hit, another player standing to the right of the referee and several yards away led with his helmet and dove into the official."

Both players were thrown out of the game and the school district is investigating the matter. The hit occurred with about one minute remaining in the game.

Prior to the incident, two players from Jay had been ejected, although it is unclear if that had any connection to what happened.

The names of the players and referee involved have not been made public.