Amid recent news reports indicating New Yorkers are traveling throughout the state to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Senator Joe Griffo is calling for an immediate reorganization of the state vaccine allotment.

Griffo wants Governor Cuomo to ensure that doses distributed regionally are given to local residents first.

He says the state’s disjointed and disorderly method of allocating the vaccine has resulted in Mohawk Valley residents facing increasing competition from people who live in the Capitol District, Hudson Valley and other regions of the state.

Griffo says New York’s method of distributing the vaccine is survival of the fittest and is not effective.

“This free-for-all approach has forced those in need – most notably the elderly who are having difficulty making online appointments – to wait even longer for a potentially life-saving vaccine while individuals from outside of the area drive hundreds of miles across the state for a shot in the arm. The Governor must ensure that doses that have been earmarked for specific regions of the state are provided to the individuals who live there first.” said Griffo.


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