Senator Joseph Griffo is calling on the State Liquor Authority to rescind updated guidelines pertaining to what restaurants and bars may serve as “food” to patrons looking to buy alcohol.

The revised guidelines come after Governor Cuomo’s mandate that alcohol could only be served to customers who were seated and ordered food to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“Many restaurants and bars have successfully implemented protocols to protect the health and ensure the safety of patrons,” said Griffo. “This updated guidance from the SLA, however, is only adding to the confusion, consternation and challenges that many establishments are already experiencing. Our small businesses have already suffered enough through no fault of their own. The state should not be making it more difficult for them.”

Griffo says the SLA’s role is to issue licenses and permits and ensure compliance with the Alcoholic Beverage Law and it should not be acting as a “food czar.”

The Senator also continues to speak directly to the Governor’s office on the behalf of businesses in his district.


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