UPDATE:   01/06/2022 04:11am   New York State Police say that they have located and arrested 29-year-old Anthony Masi.  He is facing a charge of Assault in the 1st Degree (class B felony) in connection with the alleged attack that took place on December 30, 2021 at the Budget Inn on State Route 23 in Oneonta.
Police say that Masi used a "machete-type knife" in the assault.  The victim is recovering and the investigation remains in progress.
Original Story:
Authorities are asking for your help locating a suspect in an assault in Oneonta, New York yesterday.
State Police say that they were called to the Budget Inn hotel on State Route 23 at approximately 6:00pm on Thursday, December 30, 2021.  The report indicated that a woman at the hotel was bleeding.
Troopers say they found a female "victim bleeding heavily from a large cut on her nose."
According to their preliminary investigation police say that the woman "was attacked" by 29-year-old Anthony Masi "with a machete-type knife during an argument."
Anthony Masi Photo Credit: New York State Police
Anthony Masi Photo Credit: New York State Police
The victim was brought to one hospital, then transferred to another for surgery.
Police are asking that anyone who has seen Masi, or who may have information that may be important to investigators - including his possible location - is asked to call 911 or New York State Police at: (607) 561.7400.

Police are asking for anonymous calls and tips to be made to the Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers Tip Line: (866) 730.8477 (TIPS).

Authorities say, sharing this story with friends and family and on social media increases the chance of keeping our neighborhoods safe. Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers is 100% anonymous and cash rewards are given to people who deliver credible and accurate information which results in the arrest of wanted persons. 

[AUTHOR'S NOTE:   This post is for informational purposes and is based largely on information from New York State Police.  All persons suspected of crimes are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.  At the time of this posting no additional information is available.]

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