The COVID-19 count continues to climb as Herkimer County officials confirmed that they now have seven cases.

On Friday officials held a press conference where they confirmed three cases, including the hospitalization of the person who was their first confirmed case. They also confirmed that first patient had contact with individuals at a church service and a high school musical. Vincent Bono shared those specifics with Bill Keeler on a special Saturday edition of 'First News with Keeler in the Morning.'

Acting Director of Health Dianne Ward told the media Friday that testing would only be done on patients at the hospital where the 1st confirmed case is and if they're experiencing any of the standard symptoms. Testing supplies in Herkimer County, along with Personal Protective Equipment are dangerously low.

Ward sent a press release to WIBX Sunday morning notifying the public of the additional cases. Ward says, "Herkimer County Public Health is continuing investigation these cases at this time and are working to reach out to any contacts."

Health officials are urging people to, "Please continue to stay 6 feet away from others, stay home if you are sick, and continue to practice good hand hygiene."

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