Herkimer County is back on national television this week with a handful of live broadcasts from the Herkimer Diamond Mines Resort on cable tv's Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Dr. Renee Shevat, whose family has owned the mines for over 40 years, is appearing this week on Design Gallery with Colleen Lopez, showing off jewelry made from the quartz natural stones found in the Herkimer mines.

Dr. Renee Shevat of Herkimer Diamonds appears with HSN host Colleen Lopez on Monday, May 18, 2020 from the Herkimer Diamond mines in Middleville, Herkimer County, NY. (Screenshot from HSN)

Herkimer Diamonds are double terminated quartz crystals, not real diamonds, stones that were faceted by nature half a billion years ago. The unique quartz is only known to be found in the Mohawk Valley region of Upstate New York.  

Shevat will appear on HSN Wednesday night  from 8 p.m. until 9 p.m. from the resort restaurant, Miner's Table, and again Thursday evening at 10 p.m..

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