Several residents in North Utica were awakened in the middle of the night to the sounds of their 'Ring' alarms.

Video from several home security cameras captured images of a man walking house to house and car to car. Video shows the individual opening unlocked car doors and looking inside.

Mark Simon shared his story with WIBX. He says, "We were awakened by a motion alert in our driveway through our Alexa." Simon says, "We turned the camera on and saw a guy opening the car door, looking in our house windows, and eventually going in the car." You can see the video Simon posted to Facebook below.

Simon believes the alarm feature associated with his 'Ring' doorbell system scared the suspect off. Simon says, "If you’ve been considering getting a Ring camera, totally worth it." It's also important to keep your car and home doors locked.

Brandon Ramos of Utica is another person who experienced an individual entering his unlocked car door and he says trying to enter his home. Ramos posted to Facebook,

This guy went up my street trying to get in cars and houses. He tried across the street and the side door! He opened my truck and went through it, my ring woke me up as it was happening and he got away before I could find him. Nothing seems to be taken that I cared about.

Ramos complimented Utica Police and State Police for searching throughout the night for the suspect. Ramos also posted video of the suspect attempting to enter his vehicle.

WIBX has reached out to Utica Police for details on the case, including the suspects name and any arrest that was made. We are waiting for a reply and will continue to update you on details as they become available.

You are encouraged to always lock your cars and homes every night.

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