It likes you won't have one last chance to visit this famous restaurant in New York.

The last and final Howard Johnson in New York State is now officially closed and will not be open this summer.

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Howard Johnson's restaurants were owned by Howard Johnson who also owned the Howard Johnson hotels but was franchised separately from the hotel brand beginning in 1986. Most of all the restaurants across the country closed in 2016 but there was one lone holdout here in New York.

That restaurant was located in Lake George and was open as late as December of 2021. While the location closed at the beginning of 2022, HoJo faithful were hoping it would reopen this summer, but now that dream is dead.

The building where the Howard Johnson is located in Lake George is officially on the market for lease meaning that Howard Johnson Resturatne will not open this summer.

According to, the location is up for lease for a very low price.

The for-lease listing mentions a price of $10 for the 7,500-square-foot property, owned since it was built in 1953 by the DeSantis family. Low lease prices are often used in real estate to generate interest in difficult properties

Growing up in Buffalo New York, I remember going to the Howard Johnson on Delaware and North with my family for "special" dinners like birthdays and Father's Day. That location closed in 1994 when the building it was in was sold back in1994.

The hotel chains of Howard Johnson are still going strong and are currently under the management of Wyndham properties.

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