Donations were sent to the Bahamas and the Carolinas for Hurricane Dorian relief after the drive effort by ERL Intermodal and WIBX that was held at Hannaford in New Hartford on September 12th. Donations continued to pour in days after the event had concluded.


"The trailer was loaded and sent to Albany," said Steve Sperbeck of ERL. "We ended up with almost 35,000 pounds of donations and 38 pallets," he added.

“The devastation that was left in Hurricane Dorian’s path is unimaginable,” said Steven Kowalsky, president of Empire Recycling Corporation.  “With one of our companies specializing in intermodal shipping, we knew we had the ability to ship donations to those in desperate need.”

"This area is amazing when it comes to giving," said WIBX's Bill Keeler. "I'm not at all surprised that donations continued to come in. We are so good in this area when it comes to giving to people in need."

The Empire Family of Companies includes Empire Recycling, ConfiData, SMR Fibre, Nathan Steel, and ERL Intermodal.  To learn more about the supply drive, visit


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