The drive to collect supplies for hurricane victims in the Carolinas and the Bahamas last week filled one tractor trailer, and half of another; but, that's not where it ended.  Donations continued to roll in on Friday and over the weekend.

"It looks like it will be two full trailers," said Steve Sperbeck of ERL Intermodal. "Once again the generosity of the Mohawk valley shows in full force."

On Thursday, WIBX teamed up with ERL Intermodal at Hannaford on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. The Keeler Show broadcast live in the morning and collections continued through the day.

"They had it down to a science," said WIBX's Bill Keeler. "People would drive up to the tractor trailer, and a crew would come out and unload their vehicle. It was steady all day long."

Donations continued to come in to WIBX on Friday, and large donations of supplies came directly to ERL, including shipments from The Fountainhead Group, Northern Safety, Tractor Supply, Casa Imports and the Walmart Distribution Center, among others. All of the donated items will be delivered by ERL on Monday, with 100 percent of the supplies going to recent hurricane victims.

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