Yes, the headline is correct.

There is a DNA lab on wheels out there, cruising the neighborhoods and giving you chance to shut your alleged baby-momma up once and for all. Meet a traveling alternative to the Maury Povich's the 'Who's Your Daddy' mobile Paternity and DNA testing machine.

Sadly, this is kinda of needed in today's world.

Owner/operator Jared Rosenthal says for $350 he'll take a cheek swab of you and your 'so-called' offspring, and within just 2-3 days you'll know if the child is yours.


You can walk right of the up to the Winnebago or make an appointment at one of their clinics.

Rosenthal says in some cases, people also use the service to determine if they are related.

So, if you always thought your dad was doing more than changing the neighbors oil, and you have identified some suspected siblings - this caravan of cotton swabs and genetic codes may finally deliver the one thing you always wanted for Christmas but never found under the tree - a little brother or sister!

Rosenthal joins WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to discuss his traveling DNA testing lab:

CBS affiliate in New York City has a photo, and story about the Who's Your Daddy Mobile DNA Truck.