This adorable story out of Westmoreland will tug at your heartstrings.

Despite the stereotype, firefighters typically don't rescue cats from trees because it diverts critical resources away from actual emergencies.

But that wasn't the case for one silly feline from Westmoreland.


Good thing cats have 9 lives

A curious orange tabby named Pippin got more than what he bargained for after scaling a dead tree. Unfortunately, he got stuck and nothing appeared to get him to come down.

After spending nearly 24 hours crying out for someone to save him, his panicked owner turned to Nextdoor and Facebook for help.

The Westmoreland woman, Tiffany Wallace, wrote:

My cat has been stuck in a dead tree that’s covered in thick vines, surrounded by thick bush, and it’s been at least 21 hours. He clearly is terrified and can’t get himself down.

Wallace said she left a message with the fire chief and begged neighbors for advice -- even going as far as asking to borrow a tall ladder to save the cat herself. Concerned residents flooded her post with suggestions that ranged from luring Pippin down with treats to summoning animal control.

Thankfully, Westmoreland's best and brightest came to Pippin's rescue.

Three cheers for Westmoreland Fire Department!

Hours after her initial post, Wallace happily announced that Pippin had been rescued:

The Westmoreland Fire Chief and Volunteer Firemen got him out with a ladder. This was a first for all of them.

She went on to explain in the comments how the rescue took place, writing that Pippin was trapped about 30 feet up in the tree. She added firefighters felt comfortable enough using a ladder at that height because, should the cat spook and knock someone off of it, they wouldn't have too far of a fall.

Wallace also shouted out her landlord for pulling a few strings to get the fire chief's attention and ensure the Pippin was brought home.

Then again, it sounds like firefighters were pretty excited to finally live up to the stereotype and see what it was actually like to rescue a cat from a tree.

How's the cat now?

For those wondering about the kitty, Wallace said the cat took an extremely long nap after he was home. He also appeared very happy to be home in his bed.


She added Pippin seemed relatively unscathed from the incident, except for sustaining what appeared to be a tiny bite-like injury on his tail.

Wallace had plenty to joke about on Facebook, saying Pippin proved that all orange cats share 1 brain cell and that next time her cat decides to take a 24 hour vacation, she'll make sure he takes a ladder.

Here's hoping Pippin learned his lesson!

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