Pencils (or bricks) down, everyone — this is officially the best Jurassic Park fan-made trailer we’re going to see, ever (unless someone has a line on some sick animatronics). A father/daughter team utilized over $100,000 worth of LEGO pieces to create a three-minute stop-motion Jurassic Park video, featuring some of the best moments from Steven Spielberg’s classic film.

Along with the help of some talented friends (including Brian, a LEGO master-builder), this father and his young daughter put a ton of effort and time into recreating the world of Jurassic Park with LEGOs. It’s the most detailed and committed fan video we’ve seen in a long, long time, including scenes like the first big dinosaur reveal and the velociraptor attack on the T-Rex at the end of the film.

In addition to the completed video above, you can also watch a behind the scenes video below, which takes you through the process of this massive project, brick by brick. Of course they didn’t just use LEGOs for their project — there were also some special visual effects to enhance the whole thing.

Jurassic Park doesn’t get much cuter than this, guys.

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