Business leader Tim Reed and WIBX's Bill Keeler were in Nancy L. Ford's television studio in Utica on Tuesday taping a new campaign that's designed to spread the word about cancer prevention.

Both Keeler and Reed have successfully battled cancer over the last year.

"I think we're on to something here," said Keeler, who had colon cancer surgery in February. "Tim and I have been working on a very valuable campaign over the last few months and we're just about ready to launch. We plan to take the cancer that we experienced, and turn it into a positive." Reed was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and completed successful radiation treatment in the spring. Both men have been deemed cancer-free by physicians.

"This might just be the most important thing either one of us has ever done," he added.  The new marketing campaign will be announced officially on Monday at 10 a.m. at a press conference at the Community Foundation in Utica. Commercials and ads are expected to launch late next week.


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