Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Topics to Hit Today

Syracuse beats Maryland- but it was close

State Senator wants to make parenting classes mandatory

John Zogby gives the Prez a C-minus

Sen. Griffo Is against Giving  Convicts a free College Education

Check out this Amazing Bambi Rescue Caught on a Go Pro Camera

Here's the story and video.

Our Syracuse Guru - Bob Roth

Bob recaps Monday night's squeaker.  It was close...but it was a win.

 Senator Ruben Diaz

This Bronx NYS Senator wants to mandate parenting classes.

Pollster John Zogby

Rating the President and asking the question: Has the President put another red line on the map?

Rich Synek from Feed Our Vets

They're raffling off a classic Mustang:

Senator Joe Griffo on The Gov's Plan to Give Free College Educations to Prisoners

Griffo says, he knows where the Governor is going, but it won't work.  Especially when our schools are underfunded.