Friday, December 11th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Governor Cuomo announced over a billion dollars in funding for projects across the state on Thursday. The MV 500 was not one of the big award winners, but the area will see over $100 million in funding. We react to the news

Fox News Radio's Jessica Golloher - Donald Trump cancels to Jerusalem

Keeler is having some headphone issues this morning. And, someone donated an Ouija board to the toy's freaking Kristine out.

Willie Waffle's weekend movie reviews

7 AM Hour

Fritz Scherz of Fritz's Polka Band is hosting his annual holiday party for Town of Verona residents. Fritz is also a Verona town councilman

Fritz plays a Christmas polka for us. Plus, John Zogby has the latest presidential polling numbers

Justin Davis, a Rome native, is a defensive coach (OLB coach) for Navy Football. The big Army-Navy showdown is happening on Saturday.

Rob Esche stops by. He's announcing a huge country concert event at the Utica AUD. And, he weighs on on the area's MV 500 proposal.

Our Better Beer Man John Naegele bring's us some Mother's Milk. And, a reminder, Naegele's beer, food and wine pairing gathering for upto 25 people is up for auction.

8 AM Hour

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente on MV 500. The area was not awarded one of the $500-million it sought, but will receive over $100 million. Plus, a surprise guest brings toys for the Keeler Toy Drive

Continuing with County Executive Anthony Picente

Carl Paladino - Will he run for governor of NY? And, is he still supporting Donald Trump?

Scott Hayes of New York Sash stops in ahead tomorrow's NY Sash Utica College Teddy Bear Toss game

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