Friday, February 24th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- John Decker of Fox News Radio talks with us about the transgender bathrooms issue, recreational marijuana, and Trump's meeting with CEOs.

- Willie Waffle reviews the movies brought to you by Smith Packing. He updates us on what we can expect this weekend from the Oscars and at the box office.

  • Collide - a stupid kid becomes the driver for a drug smuggling ring in Europe. - 1/2 Waffle
  • Get Out - A young African American guy goes to a town where African Americans mysteriously disappear. - 2 1/2 Waffles

7 AM Hour

- Dave Olney calls in to talk about their event coming up which is an auction for charity. Bill will be the auctioneer and they have some incredible items.

- We have the Accent crew in from the OD to talk about their latest issue. It's an awesome publication that talks about all the amazing stuff CNY has to offer. It's Accent Magazine and is available everywhere.

- We talk with Floyd Little of  Syracuse College football and NFL fame. He is on to talk about his involvement in an event coming up, The Kristen's Fund Gala.

8 AM Hour

- Tim Conners is an Ithaca College student who was blinded by cancer. Now he has plans to challenge himself to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He shares his story and hopes to raise money for those facing a similar situation.

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