Friday, February 7th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- A Democrat debate is taking place tonight and then it's back to the campaign trail on the candidate's way to New Hampshire. Tonya J. Powers (FNR) delivers a preview report.

- Willie Waffle tells you what to see and what not to see! Being released this weekend is Birds of Prey where Harley Quinn is back! Willie also makes his Oscar predictions. He gives the film 2 waffles.

7 AM Hour

- There is fight going on between the Feds and the New York State government. The Department of Homeland Security is taking away 'Trusted Traveler' programs from New Yorkers due to Cuomo's recently passed Green Light Bill. Senator Joe Griffo and Keeler discuss.

- Trump held a press conference in the White House yesterday in response to his acquittal in his Senate Impeachment trial.

8 AM Hour

- MVCC is hosting a Week of Giving to benefit their College Community Connection Program.

- The Home Show at Turning Stone is THIS weekend. Scot Hayes and NY Sash is one of the main event organizers and sponsor. Scot joins us in studio to give away some tickets and tell us what's going on there.

- Shaun Flanagan is the Director of the Centre of Metrics at the Legatum Institute. He talks with us about his new book.

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