Friday, January 22nd, 2016

6 AM Hour

Major snowstorm could slam part of the Northeast. Some people are freakin' out. Plus, The Daily Show piece on Whiteboro's Village Seal has finally aired. We'll play the full segment later this morning

Gas prices still falling. We check in on the lowest 'local' price

Whitesboro Mayor Pat O'Connor reacts to last night's segment on The Daily Show

Willie Waffle on Chris Rock and the Oscars and rates some of this weekend's new releases

7 AM Hour

Arian David Photography. He's done another local photo-shoot highlighting the Mohawk Valley. Keeler thinks there's more going on here

On Thursday, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced he would not be running for Congress. He's on to talk about the decision

Full Audio from Daily Show segment on the Village of Whitesboro Seal

More discussion, and Keeler says this will be the final one, on the controversial Whitesboro Seal

8 AM Hour

Keeler runs down some weird/crazy news stories

Dr. James Wallace is the director of Clinical Rehabilitation Services at SITRIN. He joins us to talk about concussions and special NFL helmets to protect the head

Shawn Lawlor and Tom of Bartell Machinery in Rome, NY discuss a huge piece of equipment and flexible piping for oil rigs

UPD Lt. Steve Hauck reacts to our crazy news segment today. And, UC Hockey Coach Gary Heenan and Diane Kuppermann of Make A Wish Foundation talk about how to support the cause locally

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