Friday, January 30th, 2015

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and we have a bunch of Super Bowl related guests and giveaways. We also speak with Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney regarding Sheldon Silver, MMA Fighter Matt Hamill will be in studio, and Swifty's is in the house!

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***Today’s Topics***


- Marshawk Lynch asks the media a question of his own and Katy Perry has an awesome response to a question about her love life.


- Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is one of a few Assembly members that is credited in the Wall-Street Journal for ousting Sheldon Silver. We also discuss the city fund balance.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney

- We get Claudia's take on the Sheldon Silver situation and who she feels will be next. She also talks about the signs that she saw that indicating his wrong doings. We bring up the possibility of this maybe leaking into the Judicial System. She also gives her thoughts on Morelle and the chances for an Upstate speaker.

- Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel gives us a detailed weekend forecast.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- Willie had his wisdom teeth removed, but he's still able to give us the reviews for the weekend releases.

Black or White - Kevin Costner fights to maintain custody of his granddaughter, who is white and African American.

Project Almanac - A bunch of moron kids build a time machine and screw up the world.

The Loft - A bunch of moron dudes get themselves a bachelor pad for illicit behavior, but a lady ends up dead!!!

A Most Violent Year - Kind of a national release, but not really.  Oscar Isaac is trying to run a clean oil hauling business, but he is running up against a cadre of business leaders, corruption and the MOB!!!

Before you go to the movies, go to Willie's website:

Brandon Lang - Super Bowl Pick

- Before we talk to Brandon Lang, we preview an interview we have later with Rob Long and Matt Hamill.

- Brandon gives us his Super Bowl pick and we talk about what it means with a -1 spread. We also talk about Deflate Gate and Marshawn Lynch.

Byron Henry - Privacy Law Expert

- Byron is on to talk about the invasion of privacy that is a new technology being used by law enforcement agencies that can see inside your home. This is a technology that has been kept secret for a long time.

Rob Long - Former Syracuse Orange Kicker

- We talk to Rob about the Syracuse football team now, his time at Syracuse, and he tells us about his boat capsizing and him having to swim safety. He also talks to us about his bought with cancer.

Shezad Manjee - Advertising Expert

- Shezad is on for a Super Bowl commercials preview and we talk about the Top 5 spots. The ADs we're talking about are the ones that are making headlines, but he also talks about how different the spots are going to be this year. The focus is cultural awareness this year.

Jim Rondenelli - LIVE Report From Genesis Group Breakfast

- We talk to Rondenelli about the breakfast, who is there, and Brindisi being mentioned in Wall Street Journal.

Kristy Smorol - American Heart Association

- Kristy talks to us about the 1st of several events for the American Heart Association and this weekend is the Rome Walk & Run.

- William calls up to talk about the Super Bowl field and asks about an article concerning the Utica Comets.

Matt Hamill - IN STUDIO

- Matt is 38-years-old and is still fighting and has a fight coming up. He gives us all the details and talks about his movie.

Continuing with Matt Hamill

- He believes he can beat anyone in his division and he still has a lot of passion. He will be fighting March 28th and it's a tournament style fight. Matt also opens up about being deaf and how some members of the deaf community have a problem with him speaking.

March 28th is the date of the fight and it will be on NBC Sports Network!

Dave Wood - Swifty's

- Dave is the owner of Swifty's Restaurant & Pub and he brings in some great Super Bowl snacks and the food is great!

Super Bowl Trivia

- We give away a $30 gift card to Swifty's to whoever gets all 5 questions correct.

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