Friday, June 23rd, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Willie Waffle is our weekend movie reviewer. He starts off giving us his thoughts on the new version of 'The Gong Show.' We then get his thoughts on the big release this weekend...Transformers 5! He gives the new film 0 Waffles.

Willie Waffle is our weekend movie reviewer and it’s brought to you by Honest John’s Hot Dogs and Polish Kielbasa. They're made right here in Utica.


7 AM Hour

- Tony Colon is in this morning to talk about the culture of cockfighting and Puerto Rico 51.

- Jeff Gural is the owner of Vernon Downs and he talks about the bill that was passed in the Assembly and the Senate, two separate bills. He talks about the impact this has on the status of 300 jobs.

- Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi joins us to discuss the Vernon Downs issue and the recently introduced Senate Healthcare Bill.

8 AM Hour

- Senator Joe Griffo gives a timeline on Vernon Downs and tries to explain the situation at hand. He also recaps the end of session.

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