Friday, March 20th, 2015

Today we speak with Tim Reed of the Boilermaker about Open Registration. We also talk with RJ Mitte who played Walt Jr. on the hit AMC series "Breaking Bad." Steven Laff, who is a cyber expert, will also talk to us about strange things people google in other states.

***Today’s Topics***


- Jim Boeheim addresses a whole slew of questions during a press conference yesterday. Bill also has a parody song for teachers (Or at least part of it)!


- Who should be on the $20 bill? We talk about who is on the bills now and what woman should be put on another bill.


- We continue discussion on the $20 bill and what woman should be put on it and should Andrew Jackson be taken off the $20 bill? Also Ray Stagich gives us an update on the Weather forecast.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

Insurgent - The sequel to Divergent.

The Gunman - Sean Penn is a mercenary being hunted down for something he did in the past, but who is trying to take him out?

Before you go to the movies make sure you visit

Tim Reed - The Boilermaker

- Tim had a rough morning without heat in his home! He also talks to us about Boeheim, Syracuse, and Open Registration. You can sign up before noon so that you can get all your information in early. Just visit It's happening tomorrow.


- Bill tests our knowledge in studio with Myth or Myth Busted? He reads a statement and we say whether or not we feel it's true or false.


- We are waiting on a call from RJ Mitte from the his series 'Breaking Bad.' In the meantime we hold a contest where we ask what do men schedule most during the NCAA tournament and Dan is the winner!

RJ Mitte - Walt Jr./Flynn on 'Breaking Bad'

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

- We talk to RJ about his role on the AMC hit series "Breaking Bad." We also talk to RJ about having cerebral palsy and what he's doing now. He'll be at BB King's in NYC DJing.

Tiffany Martin - Ava Dorfman Center

- Before we talk to Tiffany and Joe Commisso from the Ava Dorfman Senior Center we continue the discussion of the $20 bill and what woman should go on their?

- Tiffany and Joe are from the Ava Dorfman Senior Center and they are in some trouble. Their funding has been cut significantly and need $15,000 to stay on budget and stay in the black. They also talk about some of their fundraising events.

Steven Laff - Cyber Expert

- We talk to Steven about the strange things that people Google in other states and for Bill the Mets fan and Steven the Cubs fan. We talk about just how crazy the things that get Googled are.

The Music Game

- Before we play one of our new favorite games, The Music Game, we play the audio from the Rick Santorum appearance and a woman who went off. Then, Nicole from New Hartford plays "The Music Game." Nicole wins and gets the big prize!

Steve and Barb Michler

- Before we get to Barb from the Westside Center we talk to Steven who brought us in a cigarette lighter from 1950 which commemorates the WIBX 950 25th anniversary!

- We also talk to Barb about a recycling fundraiser they're doing tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. She also talks about more of their events and plans they have for services they will be offering.