Monday, April 21, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Catching up on some weekend headlines.

- Today we started off a little bumpy with a bit of an Internet issue and our clocks are not working.

- Terrible Herkimer College story about a soccer star passing away over the weekend.

- It will be a good start to the week today weather wise but will cool down again the next two days.

- Did everyone have a Happy Easter?


- Today is Boston Marathon and Patriot Day. Tim Reed will be in later to talk about that and the Blood Drive they're holding.

- Kevin Sharp (Country Singer) passes away from complications from stomach surgery.

- Mayor promoting commuter train safety almost hit by said train.

- A sick and truly twisted convicted murderer causes Judge to lose it on him because he was laughing and making faces at the victim's family members.

- One of the first major brawls in the Major Leagues occurred over the weekend involving the Pirates and Brewers.

- Spanish golfer attacked on the course by a swarm of hornets and jumps into a lake.

-Teen suspended from school due to the fact he asked Miss America (Nina Davulrui) to prom. He also gave her a flower and asked for a Selfie.


- L.A. Clippers player throws water on an opposing fan.

- Generic brand Zanex pill found in an elementary school Easter egg hunt plastic egg.

Ray Stagich From The Weather Channel!!!

- It will be a good day today but will cool down the next couple of days.


- Only a few schools are attending today. Most schools have an extra day off. Maybe it has something to do with Snow Days or start of the school year differences. Who knows?

- Be careful while mowing your lawn this Spring. You have to be careful of the stuff that gets blown out of the mower deck. For one former veteran it was a rusty nail that went through his chest and punctured a lung!

- Young kid kidnapped from his Georgia home was set free by his abductor because he repeatedly sang a gospel song to the point where it drove his captor crazy. The singer of that song responded with thanks...

- Local bloggers, as in he writes about local issues here in the Utica area, is attacking the Brindisi family for the allegations against Andrew Brindisi. Andrew is the brother of Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

Tim Reed - Executive Director of the Boilermaker

- Tim was In Studio discussing Patriot's Day and the running today of the first Boston Marathon since last year's bombing.

- He is also in promoting a blood drive taking place at the Radisson this upcoming week.

They Say It's Your Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you...
-Patricia Brych from Stittville

-Brian Walter
-Barbara Quackenbush from Utica
-Cassie Angerosa

Patricia, you get that cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop. Congrats!

Bob Cardillo - DFAS Union Representative

- Bob was in to discuss what may potentially happen to the jobs and that company. DFAS is a big part of this Central New York community.

Bobby Oliveira - Local Blogger (Blogs About Local Issues)

- Bobby makes allegations and accusations in his blogs.

- Listeners call in to question his statements.

- The big question is are Rats Kosher?

Audio Part 1 

Audio Part 2  

Pepe Aragon - Herkimer College Head Soccer Coach

- The Herkimer College Men's soccer coach called in to talk about the young man who tragically lost his life over the weekend on campus. He was Peter McAvoy and his coach had nothing but wonderful things to say about him.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD Public Info Officer

- He discussed the Andrew Brindisi case and addressed allegations of favortism. He also discussed the tragic homicide that occurred last week on Oneida Street.

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