Monday, August 4th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Jon Bon Jovi sends a letter to a Buffalo newspaper ensuring people that he would keep the team in Buffalo.

- To even have a game in Toronto is difficult for fans due to the fact you have to cross the border.

- Today Tim Julian will be on to set the record straight at 8:00 today and John Adams from the Independence Party will be on at 6:35.

- There are more issues for Jim Zecca and Frank Vescera with the Board of Elections. They are back in court today because of a possible signatures issue.

- The water in Toledo, Ohio is green! What is causing it and when will it be resolved. Boiling the water will not help this water.

Bill Keeler/WIBX
Bill Keeler/WIBX

- Some stores already have Halloween displays and we discuss the whole "dressing up" phenomena.


- A new plate night will be up on our website today!

- The issue of people leaving babies in hot cars is a big one and a couple ambulance drivers in New Jersey broke into a car to rescue a baby only to find out it was a baby doll.

- People are so afraid that Frank Vescera will win the Council President seat, that it seems people are doing whatever they can to make that not happen.

- To review, Tim Julian signed as executive secretary and in one other capacity a petition to endorse Frank Meola and Jack LoMedico. We'll get the full story from Tim today.

- We'll also hopefully get more details today about Zecca and Vescera's signatures.


- Before we speak with John we get into more details about the Hoboken, NJ ambulance drivers who broke into a car to save what they thought was a baby in a hot car, but it ended up being a baby doll.

- Stefan is a listener of the show was at the American Legion baseball tournament in Utica this weekend and his bike was stolen from Murnane Field. It was a bluish-purple bike and if anyone has any information on the bike call 679-6116.

- Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel gives us his daily weather channel forecast.

John Adams - Oneida County Independence Party

- John will be providing us with facts and not elaborations.

- In regards to the issue of a "city chair" for the independence party, John clears it up talking about the different committees you can form.

- Ed Zeina and the Oneida County Independence Party are waiting to hear from the State Committee on the proper wording for Tim Julian's city position.

- We ask John about the authorization and endorsement of Meola and LoMedico. He explains why Tim Julian did not have the right to sign that endorsement petition.

Continuing with John Adams

- John answers why Tim went ahead without the committee knowing.

- We play the Voicemail from Tim Julian to Jim Zecca. After that voicemail, John and the committee got the word that Tim had gone ahead and broke the bylaws and undermine the committee.

- We find out a little more background information as to the decision making process behind these endorsements.

- John Adams closes with a little jab.

Dr. Al Johnson - Internal Medicine

- Dr. Johnson is on to talk about the dangers of spreading bacteria by shaking hands. The fist bump is a safe way to handle that.

- There are 5x more germs spread with a handshake than a fist bump.

- Bill asks Dr. Johnson about the Ebola virus and the doctors that are returning to the country. Once the disease is cured it's cured, but the virus could remain dormant.

Jeremy Baumhower - Producer

- Jeremy is a resident of a suburb of Toldeo, Ohio. He is being affected by the water ban due to green water.

- For a while he was not able to bath or shower. There is algae in his water due to fertilizer runoff in the great lakes.

- 3 hours after the word got out about the water, the shelves were emptied of bottled water. This is a community of 500,000 people without water.

- The community is coming together to help one another and FEMA is there. One of the biggest crisis is the fact that the water treatment plant is outdated and would cost 500-700 million dollars to fix.

Colleen Rickenbacher - Etiquette Expert

- Colleen explains what a "Frenemie" is. It is someone who pretend to be your friend at work, but talks about you behind your back.

- Colleen has 4 ways to deal workplace frenemies. One way to prepare is stay a step ahead by getting to know how they operate.

- Another thing you have to do is stay ahead but don't stoop!

- If you can, clear the air! If you don't nip it in the bud, it will hinder your work and jeopardize what you stand for.

- Approach them and be honest.


- There are already Halloween displays at local stores here in Central New York.

- It's only a matter of time before the Christmas display goes up.

- Hobby Lobby has 50% off all metal signs right now, which excites Bill.

- One man used a hose to get his neighbor off the lawn.

- Tim Julian makes his way in studio to clear the air and set the record straight.

- The Oneida County Independence Party met with Meola and LoMedico in a side room at an event and that's when it was determined that the group would endorse them.

- 70 Independence Party signatures were needed for the party endorsement.

- Tim runs down the timeline and events that unfolded with this situation. The Board of Elections believed that Tim was in the right, they agreed with him.

- We explain what Frank Vescera's role is in all of this.

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Continuing with Tim Julian

- The Independence Party gave their word to two people that they had the endorsement. Tim makes it clear that he is a man of his word.

- He believes he was illegally taken out of the party as executive secretary.

- Tim is also upset over the fact that 92 people who gave their signatures for Meola and LoMedico.

- We go to Jeff at that State Office building for an update on the Zecca/Vescera case. Meola and LoMedico believe that some of the signatures gathered are invalid.

Wrapping Things Up With Tim

- Tim talks about the position of City Chair for the Independence Party.

- Tim tells us that John Adams, Ed Zeina, and Tim gave Meola and LoMedico their word that Meola and LoMedico had the endorsement.

- Tim answers why nobody else was available to sign the endorsement papers.

- We get the official word of Zecca's Utica City Council resume.

- Tim is curious as to why he was not called to the court hearing about the endorsement.

- We ask Tim what's next for him? He still looks to make positive and cognitive change to this city.

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