Monday, July 11th, 2016


6 AM Hour

Recapping Boilermaker 2016

Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio on Donald Trump's possible running mate

And Fox's Tonya J Powers has and update on the investigation into the Dallas Police Officer killings

Monaski scarfed down a full meatball in the Boilermaker Pasta Eating Contest. And, Keeler had some scheduling issues on the Boilermaker Post Race Party stage.

7 AM Hour

Not all that surprising, but there is news this morning that Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton this week.

Professor Allan Saxe from Texas on the 'senseless' murder of 5 Dallas Police Officers.

Former marine and Afghan War veteran Mike Acquaviva is from Clinton. His unit was the subject of the HBO Documentary 'The Battle for Marjah'

8 AM Hour

Keeler catches up with musician Dave Mason ahead of his appearance in Central New York this week

Caller 'T' shares a story about a fundraiser following a suicide bombing in Pakistan

Mark Bolos from Big Apple Music performs LIVE in studio and discusses a memorial for fallen veterans and their K9s

Recapping Boilermaker 39, which was Jim Rondenelli's 34th

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