Monday, July 13th, 2015

Today we speak with Tim Reed about the Boilermaker recap, Senator James Seward regarding the SAFE Act, and Whitesboro Mayor Pat O'Connor about the village emblem.

6 AM Hour

- Bill and Jeff both talk about the people who were making money off the parking in West Utica. The Brewery Post-Race Party was hugely successful and it was jam packed.

- There is a video of a man behind a newscast in Dannemora that appears to be hoisting a bag of something over the prison wall at the Clinton Correctional facility.

7 AM Hour

- We talk with Whitesboro Mayor Pat O'Connor about the Village seal and what it actually represents.

- We speak with Senator James Seward on the issue of the SAFE Act and the latest memorendum of understanding with the Governor's office about ammunition sales.

8 AM Hour

- Chuck Lester (The Guy on the Stilts) calls up to talk about his Boilermaker experience. Tom also calls up to talk about the previous guest and genetics.

- We play our favorite game, Stump Rondenelli, and we give Adam the chance to win dinner at Carmella's and Holland Farms coffee and pastries.