Monday, July 13th, 2015

Today we speak with Tim Reed about the Boilermaker recap, Senator James Seward regarding the SAFE Act, and Whitesboro Mayor Pat O'Connor about the village emblem.

6 AM Hour

- It was a successful and flawless Boilermaker. It was great weather, Andrew and Kristine both kicked butts in their respective races, and Rick calls up to talk about the historical significance of the planes that did the flyover.

- Bill and Jeff both talk about the people who were making money off the parking in West Utica. The Brewery Post-Race Party was hugely successful and it was jam packed.

- Donald Trump continues to make headlines and David Letterman has admitted he regrets retiring and does a Top Ten list. We talk about a Bungee Ride that was almost fatal and we talk about the "Angry Grandpa" YouTube channel.

- There is a video of a man behind a newscast in Dannemora that appears to be hoisting a bag of something over the prison wall at the Clinton Correctional facility.

7 AM Hour

- Tim Reed is in studio this morning and we talk about the success of the race yesterday and we get into detail on the surprise flyover and the historical significance of the planes that were used.

- We talk with Whitesboro Mayor Pat O'Connor about the Village seal and what it actually represents.

- Leon and Romy are going to be on National Television again and we speak with them live from a cruise ship where it is 3:35 AM. The show is called "Fool Us" with Penn and Teller and they will be on tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

- We speak with Senator James Seward on the issue of the SAFE Act and the latest memorendum of understanding with the Governor's office about ammunition sales.

8 AM Hour

- We talk about our Nano Job Pool contest sponsored by the Hobika Law Firm giving someone the chance to win $500 if someone guesses the exact date of the big announcement. We also talk with Dr. Kate Naumes who is an expert on fertility and female health issues. We have her on to talk about genetic diversity and how you can make your kids smarter or look different.

- Chuck Lester (The Guy on the Stilts) calls up to talk about his Boilermaker experience. Tom also calls up to talk about the previous guest and genetics.

- Barb Michler from the West Side Senior Center calls up to talk about the people who would cross the course route and interrupt the runners.

- We play our favorite game, Stump Rondenelli, and we give Adam the chance to win dinner at Carmella's and Holland Farms coffee and pastries.

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