Monday, July 21st, 2014
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6:10 - 6:20

- Topics: Canadian woman found guilty of criminal negligence for stopping to save ducks. When she did, her car was rear ended by a motorcyclist and resulted in two deaths. Here's the story.

6:20 - 6:30

- Man catches 18-year-old babysitter molesting his son and beats him severely. The father will not be charged. Here's a photo of the babysitter after the beating. What do you think?

6:35 - 6:45

- More discussion on the father who beat the babysitter who was molesting his child. The police chief's comment set a precedent, but do you disagree? And, how far is too far - even if you feel the action is justified? v

- Ray's Weather Channel Forecast - Temps heating up early this week, then we fall back into the 70's by Thursday.

6:45 - 6:55

- Talking this morning about the passing of James Garner and his days on the Rockford Files. Someone thought he lived on a boat in that show, it was actually a trailer. But, what T.V. investigators did live on a boat?

The correct answer of Quincy M.D came to us from Kurt from Deerfield.

- Talking drones a bit this morning. Several questions about privacy, and ownership of airspace.

Congressman Richard Hanna on Drones at Griffiss

What is the delay on a drone testing program at Griffiss? Hanna says some other sites have been more aggressive in marketing their locations, and says he doesn't mind the delay as long as it the program does come to Rome.

Is New York open for business, and why do those new New York ads run in the state?

Plus, the congressman's thoughts on the Malaysian plane that was shot down and what to do with tens of thousands of migrant children.


John Kerry speaking was making appearances on the Sunday morning news shows when he took a telephone call from a top aide. The call was overheard by Fox News and played back. The White House is criticizing Fox, but Keeler has a very interesting take on the whole thing.

7:40 - Supreme Court Ruling About Religious Beliefs and Contraception

Kevin Nugent disagrees with the court's ruling and doesn't believe that your employers beliefs should impact your health care options. He will be part of a protest later this week near Hobby Lobby in New Hartford.

7:50 - Col. Rob Waldman talk about shot down Malaysian Airlines plane

With an update on the latest, plus his take on how or why the plane was shot down. Could it have been accidental?

 8:10 The Utica Comets' Rob Esche was recently named an AHL Executive of the Year

- Esche says last season was really fun and successful, minus the first ten games of the season. For next season, Esche says there were several key players added to the roster and he expects a better start this season.

Luxury boxes will not be available for this season, however there may be one suite inside the AUD ready to go later this year. And, Rob outlines some of the AHL's new rules, especially as it relates to overtime

8:40 Fox News Correspondent Jeff Birbaum On Malaysian Plane being shot down

- The U.S. doesn't seem to have the ability to control the situation between the Ukraine and Russia. Birbaum says the U.S. has been unsuccessful trying to influence the situation alone.

 8:50 - Wacky Conspiracy Theories From Russia Regarding Malaysian plane

What is Russian media reporting on this incident? Bill has a list of conspiracy theories being circulated.