Monday, July 27th, 2015

Today we will speak with Smitty from Tri-Valley Beverage about the Clydesdales, Kevin Shanley about his challenging Jerome McKinsey's petitions for Council, and Assemblyman Marc Butler about Hinckley water levels.

6 AM Hour

- We play some audio from the Baseball Hall of Fame inductions of John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, and Craig Biggio. Hulk Hogan has been removed from all ties to the WWE because of a racist slur he used in a sex tape.

- Andrew explains his Road Rage and why it gets to him so much. What are some circumstances that get you annoyed?

7 AM Hour

- We talk again about Caitlyn Jenner, a lion may be loose in Milwaukee, and a man has been arrested for breaking into the zoo and petting the cougars.

- We talk with Utica Common Council Candidate Kevin Shanley about his challenging of Jerome McKinsey's petitions on the Democratic line. We talk to him about why he wants to run for common council.

8 AM Hour

- We speak to David Smith or 'Smitty' from Tri-Valley Beverage and he is on to respond to the comments made by Fred Matt on Friday's show over the Clydesdales. He explains his reasons for going forward with the march down Varrick Street. We also talk to him about the Craft Beer Industry.

- We play our favorite weekly contest 'Stump Rondenelli' and Harry is the contestant! Rondo was on a tear this morning!