Monday, June 22nd, 2015


6 AM Hour

- Brian Williams apologizes for his actions as he prepares for MSNBC, we talk about the latest on the Dannemora prison break, and we talk about the issue of the Confederate flag.

- Tom calls in to talk about the Confederate flag and what it represents. We also talk with Tonya J. Powers from FOX News about the latest on the prison break.

- A-Rod hits his 3,000th hit over the weekend and the guy who caught it was a professional home run ball catcher and he won't give the ball back. This guy has a book with 100 tips to catch a foul ball at a baseball stadium.

- 21-year-old Jordan Spieth has won his second Major this year when Dustin Johnson missed a putt on the green on 18. Lester Holt is the new official anchor of NBC Nightly News and we play audio from Brian Williams breaking his silence.

7 AM Hour

- We are giving tickets away for The Jersey Boys at The Stanley, Andrew brings up his love of Monopoly and his history of competitiveness, and we are giving someone the chance to win a Boilermaker bib.

- Tom calls back to discuss the Confederate flag and the south's role in the Civil War and a little background on the flag. We also speak with Dr. John Higgins about how chocolate may reduce your risk of stroke.

- We give Rick in Utica the opportunity to win tickets to Broadway Utica's Jersey Boys coming to the Stanley on September 17th!

- Nationals pitcher Matt Scherzer was one pitch away from a perfect game, but it was a hit-by-pitch that took that away. He still ended up with a no-hitter. Was it intentional? We also talk with Andrew's sister, Mary Angelini, and she is on to talk about her experience at Cafe Canole.

8 AM Hour

- We talk with Sean from the Dreamland Motel in Malone, NY which is near Owl's Head, NY. He gives his thoughts on the whole situation and how people are reacting in his neck of the woods.

- You never know what's going to happen at a rookie baseball league game, a saw blade crashes into a truck, and Apple gets a scathing letter from Taylor Swift.

- The most recent news from the Prison Break indicates that prisoners may have stayed in a corrections officer's cabin!

- Stump Rondenelli is one of our favorite contests and we give the opportunity for Dennis to win, and he does. He gets dinner for 2 at Carmella's and Holland Farms coffee and pastries.

- William calls in to ask about the US Open and the 15-year-old amateur who participated in the first two rounds and Tiger's poor performance. Bill plays a little more from the Matt Lauer interview with Brian Williams.

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