Wednesday, June 23rd, 2014
WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Breeding
Hometown of the Day: Deerfield
Newsmaker of the Day: John Kerry
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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill is having trouble with keeping his pool warm and he is thinking of removing some trees and doing it himself. Kristine feels that's not a great idea.

- Bill talks about the World Cup and goes to the intern Ed on a full report of what to expect from the game. Read More:

- Bill also talks about adding time to the end of a soccer game.

- Congressional primary takes place Tuesday and Bill gives win/loss scenarios and the event that Tenney showed up at where Hanna was.


- Bill explains how to win prizes in our VIP Club he talks about his gripe as well which is breeding. This comes from the fact that his parents found a stray dog with whom his daughter had become close to. The owner said Bill's parents can keep the dog, but they have to breed the dog.


- A listener, Richard, calls up to give his thoughts on the Claudia Tenney interview this past Friday.

- Richard Lewelling from the Weather Channel gives us a forecast that includes "unsettled" weather. But, we're looking at a nice day today, but showers and possible Thunderstorms tomorrow.


- Bill talks the next upcoming episode of Plate Night and the featured restaurant is Killabrew.

- A day care center in Texas is in the news for an employee duct taping two children to their nap mat, because they wouldn't fall asleep.

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino

- In Studio Now: Kevin James who is a big fan of radio. He's got a big announcement and discusses Benny Mardones.

- There is a free concert at OCC with Benny Mardones, Flock of Seagulls, Tommy Two-Tone, and other big names. This is August 2nd at Onondaga Community College. This show will benefit The Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Center Fund.

Congressman Richard Hanna - Primary Race

- Before we spoke with Mr. Hanna, we have a sad announcement about Nice N' Easy founder John MacDougall, he has passed away.

- While waiting to speak with Congressman Hanna we discuss RINO (Republican In Name Only). And there was a RINO hunt over the weekend.

- We talk to Richard Hanna about this long grueling process of campaigning and the race.

- We ask Hanna about this RINO hunt event. He was having a meet and greet in Sherbourne and apparently her group drove by, but Richard said he didn't really notice it.

- Hanna talks about what it takes to be in congress, he defends his voting record about voting against a shut down and is for civil rights for the LGBT community. He also talked about his stance on abortion.

- Hanna talks about his day before the election.

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Claire Rudka from Deerfield
Joseph Ratcliffe from New Hartford

Congratulations to Claire Rudka! You win the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop!

Michael Mott - CNY Native and Composer

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Michael is in to talk about his brand new album. He gives a little background information about himself and he went from performing to composing.

- He wrote the songs himself and has big names singing on the album and a 15-piece orchestra. He wrote all the parts.

- We play a song off the album called the Left Side of the Moon sung by Zachary Levi from NBC's "Chuck" and Hollywood Game Night.

- Today at 3:00pm at the Radisson for a listening party and you can stop by for free and they are selling a limited number of albums.

- You can buy the album on iTunes, Amazon and on his website

Robert Channing - AGT

- Robert has officially aired on AGT and he is moving on to the next round. It was revealed as well that he painted Howard Stern.

- We talk to Robert about what his potential next performance can be and it really is a big secret and even Robert doesn't even know a lot.

- He gives a little insight into the behind the scenes and his place on the show.

- We'll be talking to him tomorrow morning about a big announcement.

- Jackie calls in to talk about the Congressional Primary race. She wanted to talk about the words Hanna used, "Women's Health." She claims that Hanna is referring to abortion when he says that as many pro-choice people are, according to her. Jackie is against abortion.

Barry Damsky - Local Author and Musician

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Barry has had quite a life. One time he was living in Los Angeles and he did an episode of the Dating Game and won! This was back in 1981.

- He did writing for a while, radio, performing, and was a talent agent. He also used to work at WIBX and had his own advertising agency.

- Barry has met many incredible people and his new book, "The Peas Were Cold," are a compilation of many of the columns he has written.

- To find out more about Barry's dating game story and more pick up his new book, "The Peas Were Cold." You can find it on his website: The book is also available at Barnes & Noble and on


- We review the story about the Texas day care children who were duct taped to their nap mat.

- The US almost won the game and with 30 seconds left, Portugal scored. We talk about the terms that are used and how timing goes. Ed gives the scenarios left for the US to move on.

Jeff Birnbaum - FOX News Political Analyst

- Jeff gives talks to us about Obama's lack of performance on a number of different issues. From foreign policy to issues here at home.

- As he describes it, "the wheels are coming off."

Wrapping It Up

- County Legislator George Joseph calls in to talk about the Congressional primary race. He talks about how politics overall is the need to work as a team and George feels that Hanna is like an all-star, in regards to being well-rounded.


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