Monday, June 30th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- All this week Jeff, Kristine and Andrew with some help from Ed are pitch hitting for Bill who is on vacation.

- We discuss with our World Cup expert Ed Manne the weekend soccer action.

- Officials being paid off in the World Cup?

- Soccer players faking injuries is something that is big in this World Cup.

- The U.S. team plays tomorrow against Belgium at 4:00 PM.

- Box Office results over the weekend and how do guys react to watching certain movies.


- Congressional election took place last Tuesday and there is a recent story that indicates the majority of people across the country want their current house member booted, two-thirds to be exact.

- Out of 293 primaries, how many challengers of incumbents won? The answer is 2.


- Your feedback is always welcome!

- Ray calls up to discuss incumbents and his thoughts on primaries.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his forecast and warns about a possible named storm on the east coast for the weekend.

- We talk about his July 4th plans and the beauty of Old Forge.


- A news update: a man named Roger Keeler was tubing with a group of people and was found in the West Canada creek.

- More stories from around New York state this weekend. Including mosquitoes and West Nile virus.

- A woman in Ilion was almost a victim of a phone scam. A man called claiming they were a representative of the IRS. Police urge you to never give away personal information or credit card info.

Tim Reed - The Boilermaker

- Before we get to Tim, we talk to Tom who called in to give information on another Scam, one that has to do with a military/veterans and the VA hospital. Tom advises not to give without checking an organization first.

- Listen to Clark Howard 9-11 weeknights on WIBX for all the updates on Scams.

-Now to Tim Reed:This is a busy, but more reaction time for Tim.

- Tim talks about the importance of training and safety.

- Tim also reacts to people who say, you should allow some more runners, but because of post-race party and medical tent space with hot weather, you have to limit it.

- You should be at 9.3 and you should be starting to hydrate yourself now. You can't just drink 5 gallons of water 2 days before the race.

- This year they will have a misting tent so people can cool down.

- Don't do anything different in regards to shoes or diet, but start to hydrate now.

- Come to the Expo, there are a record number of vendors and some exciting stuff going on. Security will also be tighter with security checks.

- The expo will be Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th before the race. Friday it opens at Noon-4:30pm and Saturday it opens at 8am-4:30pm. Registration for the Kids run will begin at Noon on Friday.

Part 1:

Part 2:


- Tim Reed sticks around for the rest of the hour.

- Coming up we're going to talk with an addiction expert on a pill being developed to give the feeling of being drunk, with no drinking involved.

- Tim says they may have to look at a different method of registration.

- We talk about the difference between completers and competers.

Delaine Faris:

- Delaine is an addiction expert and she discusses the research and development of the alcohol pill which will give the effects of being buzzed. She has some concerns and the doctor whose developing it, Dr. Nut, is working on that and a sober pill.

- This will be used recreational.

- Delaine also gives her insight into the addiction side of alcohol.


- Birthdays for the Day! And we talk about hometown, newsmaker, and gripe of the day.

- We continue discussion on the alcohol pill and dangers of the road. We also compare it to palcohol.

- We discuss safety precautions for the holiday weekend. Please be careful on the land and on the water. Drink responsibly.

Joseph Bonanno - Grilling Expert

- Joseph is an ex-firefighter and grilling expert.

- Joe talks about charcoal grills and how to properly start the charcoal grill.

- Joe gives his take as a firefighter as well.

- Joseph is also plugging  the Steak-Umm firehouse challenge and the winning firefighter can win $20,000 with the challenge for a charity of choice or the firehouse. The deadline is July 5th and register on the website It's

Scott McNamara - Oneida County DA

- We discuss the difference between accidents and negligence.

- We ask DA McNamara about the alcohol pill and his thoughts on it.

Continuing with DA McNamara

- We ask Mr. McNamara about phone scams. Some of the scams were originated locally and they were able to prosecute those cases.

- We bring up the Medical Marijuana debate and the issue.

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